TC 004 Voltage/Current Input-DIN Rail mount

The TC 004 Analog – Din Rail mount Version.
Digital Converter is a unique device designed measure an analog input and to transmit to a PLC digital input. Although it requires only one normal digital 24VDC input on the PLC, it provides an accurate analog measurement for use in the PLC program.



It is packaged in a standard Phoenix DIN Rail mounting enclosure, with a removable 12-way screw terminal strip.

It measures the analog input, 0 – 20mA or 0 – 10V. It then outputs the measurement as a low speed serial pulse train to a standard PLC digital input.

The PLC receives 16 bits of data in a format ready to load into a 16 bit data register. The PLC register ends up containing the value of the measured analog value as 0 – 32767.


tc-004_75x75     Specification: Click Here

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